A Richmond supplier is a company offering a range of products and services to address the needs of delegates' future projects.

New business generation is the cornerstone of the supplier element at all Richmond Forums.

  • Key benefits

  • 01

    Access to a pre-qualified senior-level audience with detailed profile information for each delegate

  • 02

    Review a preliminary meetings schedule in advance of the forum to prepare

  • 03

    Pre-scheduled one-to-one business meetings with delegates who have agreed to a meeting

  • 04

    Mealtime meetings with delegates selected by suppliers and additional network opportunities at receptions

  • 05

    Post-forum delegate feedback to help suppliers focus on those who have expressed interest for a further conversation

  • 06

    A no hassle offering on site: Just grab your final itinerary and show up at your provided meeting table

  • 07

    No expensive booth building, shipping banners or other hidden costs

  • 08

    Get the best out of your stay by spending your time efficiently

At a glance

Supplier at Richmond Events

One of the most important factors for delegates at a Richmond Events' forum is the opportunity to investigate potential future service providers. We provide access to senior-level delegates in a cost and time-efficient format, allowing attendees to easily identify new business opportunities.

Our unique appointment system ensures that your time is extremely well spent:

  • We arrange a host of 1-1 sessions with the people that you want to meet and who want to meet you

  • Once you’ve made your selection we build a personalised itinerary that enables you to participate in the meetings, the conference programme, and also leaves you free time to network with the other supplier executives

The Richmond Experience

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